We Draculas present our new holiday single, an noisy cover of "LAST CHRISTMAS." Download and listen for free! Merry jangly! See u on TOUR!!
-Justin Tyme,
Expert Level Dracula.


Listen/purchase: Last Christmas, a Charity Single by The Spicy Draculas

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We, The SPicy Draculas, play a new PUNK rock song “Death to the VCR”, insipred by teh grood movie VIDEODROME. Check out it out, we shall pay it on TOUR!!

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We, teh SPICY DRACULAS played a kickass set of songz @ the SIDEWALK CAFE in the MANHATT on thurs. Fun was enjoyed by all. Check out them action shots. Photoz curtessy of MATT POP.

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The new ablum is now avail. Listen 2 our PUNK RAWK.

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TEH brand new singel off of teh ablum!!! Coming Out 2/14/13. FERMENTING INSURRECTION.

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Good evenings!!! This be teh new ablum art for “Fermenting Insurrection” dones by teh w0nderful LAUREN YARN DELUCCA! As you can see, it has all the punk and picknick bitched you can want and even a pizza. You cannot wait. Also, now u kno teh tracklistingz!!! Spice!
-Justin Tyme,
Expert Level Dracula.

Fermenting Insurrection

1. U.S.A. (United States of Anarchy)
2. Greed Is the Mother of Necessity
3. Shut Up! Hell Up!
4. Post No Bills
5. Politics (Can Suck My Dick)
6. Television
7. Corporate Whore
8. Spleenagers
9. Emotional Masturbation
10. 43
11. Ask Me About The Ramones
12. I Wanna Die (And It Feels So Good)
13. Indifference Bop
14. Pony
15. I Touch Myself
16. Sex and Violence
17. I Wanna Be A Dracula!

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"Corporate Whore" teh new single buy the Spicy Draculas off of teh upcoming pun rawk abum, "Fermenting Insurrection" is now available 4 listen and download! Also YouTUBES. Enjoy and share teh spice in many ways!

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GOODEVENINGS DRACULAS NATION!!!Last nigte’s show performance went much well at GOodBye Blue Monday. We Rocked teh spice so hard, and played many new songs from “Fermenting Insurrection” and old favz from “CAPITAL INTENSITY”! Also, we got most suprememly featured in teh NEW YORKER magazine as a happening thing 2 do. So obviously we have conquer. More Musics and video form teh show soon! Spice!
-Justin Tyme,
Expert Level Dracula.

PS: LInk 2 artickle!

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